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Meet In Common - Elena


Blogging. Eh, where to start? 


I find blogging extraordinarily difficult. It's like a mind game where you trick your brain into pretending you’re writing casually for yourself, but you're actually writing with the knowledge that others are going to read it (and are likely to judge it, no?). And, what to say in particular as I introduce myself to the Internet with our new business venture. Too daunting. I know I shouldn't over think it. Just "write a little something about yourself" they say. Eek. But who am I? I still don't quite know.


I spent my 20s in New York. There is no doubt that the City is the best place on Earth, but the phrase, "And what do you do?" is inescapable. It's a place littered with over-achievers. Armed with self-consciousness, I developed a spiel that made me sound as dazzling as possible. Don’t worry; I will spare you the arrogance. But, if you really must know, I invested a lot of time and effort into my career over the years and have been fortunate enough to have worked at fancy art and fashion institutions around NYC. But honestly, do you care about that? I hope not. 


Maybe now, in my 30s, I should define myself with pithy little phrases like those I see on Instagram: "Hi. I'm Elena. Wife. Mother. Current rural dweller." I get it, these are things to take pride in, but I think I'll pass. Surely it's inadequate if not haughty, even. 


What I do know is that I am a complicated (read: anxious) woman who has felt unfulfilled and constrained by the 9 to 5 lifestyle I have found myself living. We all got to do it, don't I know it, but In Common allows Maylis and I to do something creative alongside that daily grind. And while it may seem, I don't know—weird—to be embarking on something like this now at age 32 while no longer living in Brooklyn (are we still cool?!). The time is right in many other ways. I want my daughter to see her mother as a person who takes risks (because putting yourself out there on the Internet IS a risk, right? Is my fear of failure palpable yet?!) and feeds her artistic spirit.  Ok, ok so it's all a bit heavy and a lot of pressure to put on one little online vintage business, but c'est la vie. That's the way I am.  


But, honestly, why keep rambling when Dolly summed it up better than I ever could with just a few simple lines in 1980:


They let you dream just to watch 'em shatter
You're just a step on the boss-man's ladder
But you got dreams he'll never take away
You're in the same boat with a lotta your friends
Waitin' for the day your ship'll come in
An' the tide's gonna turn and it's all gonna roll your way


So. Hi Internet. I'm Elena and I do a lot. Don't we all?  For now I will leave it at that. 



  • You go girl! I’m glad your voice is out here. Love and momentum to this endeavor. XXX

  • You’re a talented young woman and your heart is always in the right place. Good luck (not that you’ll need it) on your new venture.

  • A most excellent intro!! And no, 32 is definitely Not too late to start something fun and exciting! Xox


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