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Meet In Common - Maylis

Do people still read blogs? Is this thing on? *taps invisible mic* 

I'm a thirty-something year old recovering New Yorker living in the woods with my man, my dog, and a desire to create a living for myself that feeds my creative spirit and my wallet (just being honest). 

I used to spend my days in chic fashion showrooms selling clothes that cost 3 times my monthly rent to buyers decked out in Golden Goose sneaks, leather leggings and Valentino fringe purses. I worked for assholes, narcissists and ravers (again, in the name of honesty, I did had a lot of fun with said raver). After 10 years of scurrying around New York, counting every dollar and calorie, I realized I wanted more. I wanted to feel more peaceful. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to set my own rules and test my limits of accountability and productivity to myself and my partner.  

In Common is a place where Elena and I can flex our style muscles in an inclusive, attainable, sustainable and cute as fuck way. In Common is more than just a store - it's a community of women for women. We donate to causes we believe in and our goal is for us all to feel a little more confident and inclined to skip on down the street each day.

So hi! Welcome to In Common! May we service you?

*Disclaimer - I love New York. I love my friends and family there. I had more fun in the 10 years I lived there than I will ever admit to. I regret nothing and cherish everything. 


  • I love you. This is rad and you two are doing a great thing!

  • So excited to see In Common grow- and and subsequently empty my wallet as I purchase Everything you ladies find!! Welcome to the Small Business club!


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